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Email: povprasevanje@aval.si I Tel.: 00386 5 663 79 20

About the Company Aval L.L.C.

We are one of the oldest companies on the Slovenian coast, that has for 30 years provided you with quality accounting services and tax consulting, for both domestic and foreign companies. Some companies, our clients, have been with us since 1989!

The services of Aval L.L.C. are based on four basic foundations; the quality of our services, the continuous education of our employees, the rapid response in solving problems and possible issues, and the maximum possible keeping up-to-date with processing of received data and documents.

Of course, the key to ensuring the sustainability of such an approach, is the continued awareness of the responsibility of employees for the services we provide and the stable personnel is of particular importance for the continued quality performance of the accounting function, for our clients.

The company has been a family-owned business for the entire duration of its existence, and we can, with satisfaction, say, that the transfer to the younger generation of experts has been successfully completed. Services are provided at our business premises, in the center of Koper, on Pristaniška Street 8. Our valued clients can reach us every working day between 7:00 am and 3:00 pm. We can also arrange for appointments outside the aforementioned, upon prior agreement.

In Aval L.L.C., in addition to other important areas, we pay a lot of attention to the working conditions and health of our employees; we have barely any sickness leaves.

We dedicate our each work day to the goals of high quality, confidentiality, responsiveness and responsibility. In spite of the era of “digitization”, the benefits of which we have pursued for several years, we are trying to keep as close to our customers as possible, as on the basis of long-standing practice and experience we know, that individual personal contact and approach can bring the greatest benefits for both contracting partners.

We invite you, who is reading this, to check if our quality services are appropriate and useful for your business, as well.

Get to know our foundations.

Values are the cornerstone of every business; the vision and the mission make an important contribution to determining policies and strategies. If the organization has clearly defined these concepts and understands the difference between them, they can altogether represent a dynamic and successful core of its operation.

Our mission

Aval L.L.C.’s mission, is to provide current and future customers with high-quality tax consultancy, accounting and finance services, providing adequate returns to business-owners, providing employees with adequate income, good working conditions and positive, open relationships between employees, as well as with our clients.

Our vision

We estimate that we are one of the highest quality companies among our medium-sized businesses in the Republic of Slovenia. We do not have the ambition to become revenue-wise intensively larger, but we want to become offer our clients ever higher quality services and consequently become more competitive, to get even higher quality companies into our portfolio and to be even more recognizable, that is our never-completed story.

Our values

Into our everyday and business life, as well as into business relationships with our partners, we want to bring positive values:

  • Honesty and trust
  • Creativity and efficiency
  • Responsibility and economy
  • Respect and cooperation

We are grateful for the story that
has been going on for over 30 years...

Some of your contractual partners have been following us since 1989. We have encountered many obstacles, but we overcame them and we will keep overcoming them. These are truly gold-worthy experiences that have made us even stronger and more courageous. Together we realized and learned, that the correct approach to the problem, is no longer a problem, but rather a challenge and an opportunity for improvement. Above all, everything is possible if the will is strong enough and sometimes just listening to others, can be enough.

If you are starting a business, or want to switch to a different accounting service, we will be happy to help you and try to find the most optimal solution for you.

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30+ years of experience in the accounting field
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15th year in a row in the Catalog of Certified Accounting services
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For the 2nd year in a row, the recipient of the International Standard ISAE 3402 (Slo MSZ3402)
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For the 4th year in a row, the recipient of the certificate for the provision of services in accordance with the standard of Accounting service providers in Republic of Slovenia