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Email: povprasevanje@aval.si I Tel.: 00386 5 663 79 20


A family business.
Reliability and knowledge flow.


A company with more than 30 years of experience in accounting.

Aval L.L.C. was founded in order to provide quality services in the accounting and tax consulting area in the Republic of Slovenia, both for domestic and foreign-owned enterprises.

It is a family owned company, resulting in a continuous and unhindered flow of knowledge and experience from the elderly to younger employees and vice versa. Mentioned business philosophy was engraved into our company at the very beginning and is used by our employees to this day, by their approach, hard work and constant education.

Our business philosophy remains the same and is tangible with the following starting points:

  • The core of our business philosophy was and always will be the quality of services we perform for our clients and contracting partners,
  • The forefront of our interest has been and always will be a long-term contracting relationship that can provide you, the subscriber and us, Aval L.L.C., the service provider, with a high level of satisfaction,
  • Continuous education of Aval L.L.C.’s employees is an important prerequisite for quality management of the always changing legislation and serves to avoid unwanted routines in our professional work,
  • Aval L.L.C. will always motivate our employee’s education process with additional financial incentives, with the aim of further growth in the quality of our services,
  • Digitization of the work process is a necessity; therefore, the company will aim to enhance the level of digital data processing at all points possible and rational,
  • But constant tracking of the trends in digitization should not break live communication with our clients, because it is the latter that hides the greatest potential for the benefit of both entities involved in the contractual relationship.

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30+ years of experience in the accounting field
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15th year in a row in the Catalog of Certified Accounting services
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For the 2nd year in a row, the recipient of the International Standard ISAE 3402 (Slo MSZ3402)
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For the 4th year in a row, the recipient of the certificate for the provision of services in accordance with the standard of Accounting service providers in Republic of Slovenia