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For years has Aval L.L.C. been aiming at the highest level of automation (digitization) in the process of exchange and processing of accounting data, generated in contracting cooperation between Aval L.L.C., the contractor and our clients.

The amount of digitally processed and downloaded data depends on each client and differs from a client to client. It depends on the interest of each company, our client, their hard- and software and the qualifications of their employees.

The basic prerequisite for quality cooperation in a digitized way is, of course, a fast-working internet connection and appropriate equipment. It is important to emphasize that with the increased level of digital processing and data exchange, the responsibility levels of the contracting company also increase, regarding both confidentiality and security of managed and archived data of their clients.

The advantages of the digital method of data transmission and processing in the regular »manual manner« are in particularly less “manual accounting”, avoiding the duplication of the entire work process, automation of transfers, faster data processing and the possibility of faster and better data preparation for later decision-making. All above mentioned rationalizations can consequently mean a lower price.

At Aval L.L.C. we offer our current, or future customers, the latter services regarding digital exchange, data processing and documentation:

  • The possibility of continuous on-line access to the daily updated client’s general ledger (GKW),
  • Possibility of automatic transfer of issued and received invoices,
  • The ability to create and print your issued invoices, including client’s company’s logo, on our server in appropriate accounting program,
  • The possibility of payment transactions, according to already prepared files from our software apps to the appropriate banks, for your company’s needs payment transactions can also be performed in our company, of course, according to your instructions,
  • The possibility of posting invoices received on our server and into the relevant accounting program,
  • The possibility of running physical bookkeeping storage on our server and in the appropriate »material business« program,
  • The possibility of running a cost, or other treasury, on our server and in the appropriate accounting program,
  • The possibility of sending information regarding personal income directly to our program, for calculating the latter.

Regardless of the fact that accounting services will be even more digitized in the future, we will continue to work hard to maintain as much contact with our customers as possible, with the personal and/or individual contact bringing maximum benefits to both parties in a contracting relationship.

Our advantages


The Aval L.L.C. accounting is distinguished by an excellent and experienced team of employed professionals with rich experience. Employee motivation and continuous education is important to us, which contributes to the fact that there is no fluctuation in the work force.

Our business organization

We are a medium-sized accounting, so we can adapt to almost every rational need of micro, small or medium-sized companies or sole traders (Sp). We operate in a way that each company, each client is managed by two of our employees, so that contract work flows without interruptions, regardless of sickness leave, maternity leave or any other absence from work.


With the help of a fast and reliable software app, we can provide you with a constant insight into the status and changes of business events in your company’s general ledger, 24 hours a day, every day of the year, from any location with guaranteed access to the Internet.


Data security has always been paid great attention. We defend our system from external attacks with a dual firewall and a very high-quality antivirus program. In Aval L.L.C., archived backups are generated daily, on three different media sources and four different locations.


We are aware that we are dealing with very sensitive data, therefore we pay special attention to the confidentiality of data and business-related secrets, and consequently, we have adequate, sharp non-disclosure clauses with employees and external contractors.

To be better each day

Reflection on how to further improve and rationalize contractual cooperation is a part of our everyday work process. We try to apply the practice mentioned whenever there is an interest from both contractual parties.

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30+ years of experience in the accounting field
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15th year in a row in the Catalog of Certified Accounting services
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For the 2nd year in a row, the recipient of the International Standard ISAE 3402 (Slo MSZ3402)
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For the 4th year in a row, the recipient of the certificate for the provision of services in accordance with the standard of Accounting service providers in Republic of Slovenia

Dear readers, potential future clients of Aval L.L.C.

If you have any specific requirements regarding the accounting services we provide, we kindly ask you to forward your questions to our E-mail address: aval.koper@siol.net or send us an inquiry trough the contact form.